When doing the most goes wrong! No respectable esthetician will give you the glitter brow, feathered brow, swiggly brow, braided brow, and now the McDonald’s brow. These 2017 brow trends have my feelings all over the place.  What disrespectful trend will they think of next?

File Sep 10, 9 19 44 PM.jpeg

I know how important it is to be different but try a new hair color, change your nail art, or switch up your wardrode. Are people really leaving the house like this? My guess is they are just doing this for likes, followers and attention on social media sites. I cant imagine people actually going on dates or job interviews looking like this. Eyebrows frame your face. They are not suppose to have you looking like Stephen King’s IT.

File Sep 10, 9 39 36 PM.jpeg