Your Best Kept Secret

Esthetic Haus was just a dream. I’ve had this dream since elementary school, working at a hair salon as a shampoo girl. Since then I’ve dabbled in a little bit of this and that, but have always come back to my love of everything beauty. In 2016 I birthed my dream of...

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2017 Brow Trends

When doing the most goes wrong! No respectable esthetician will give you the glitter brow, feathered brow, swiggly brow, braided brow, and now the McDonald’s brow. These 2017 brow trends have my feelings all over the place.  What disrespectful trend will they think of...

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Waxing vs. Threading

WHICH IS BETTER? The number one question I get on a daily basis is, “Which is better waxing or threading?” My answer is neither. Waxing isn't better than threading and threading isn't better than waxing. They are both great.  Each method does the following:  ...

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Microstroking 101

WHAT IS MICROSTROKING? Microstroking is cosmetic tattooing, also referred to as microblading, feathered brows, embroidery, 3d brows, micropigmentation or dermal implantation. This technique is achieved by implanting pigment in the dermal (2nd layer) layer of the skin...

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Chemical Peel 101

In my line of work as an esthetician, I often hear people say they can’t get chemical peels because they have sensitive skin, or they are concerned with the down time, and leaving the treatment room red.   Over the next few weeks, I hope to cover all your questions...

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Chemical Peels Gone Wrong

BUYERS BEWARE Hello Esthetic Haus beauties! Welcome to this week’s blog.  Last week we blogged about Chemical Peel 101. This week we are going to educate you about the importance of seeing a licensed practitioner for your chemical peels. I recently read...

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Chemical Peel Myths vs. Reality

Hello Esthetic Haus beauties! Let’s jump right into this week’s blog.  I recently became certified in PCA chemical peels and have absolutely fallen in love with this product line! As I have been promoting my services the following questions below have been asked.  In...

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You burned my skin!

Hello Esthetic Haus Beauties. In this blog I’m going to discuss LIFTING. Lifting is when your skin comes up with the wax. It is not a burn. It sucks when this happens because it’s painful and it leaves an ugly mark for a few days. As an esthetician for 10 years, some...

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Why did I have a reaction after my appointment?

If you have a reaction after a wax its your body’s natural response. We call it Fight or Flight at Esthetic Haus. Each hair is attached to living tissue within the hair follicle beneath the skins surface. When you remove hair the tissue within the follicle is...

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